Welcome to the Gold Key Universe!

Welcome to the Gold Key Universe!

Universes have split, multiplied, and even collided, however, the Gold Key Universe...is resurrecting. We anticipate that when it does, it is going to unlock the comic lover inside of us all!

This new universe features fresh new stories, intriguing ideas and amazing renderings of new characters, and ones you grew up loving.

What will you see in the Gold Key Universe?

Much like the original brand, you’ll see stories based in Mystery, Horror, Historic time pieces, Slice-of-life dramas and of course, Westerns (with a modern twist). Even Science Fiction is joining the battle for your attention.

What’s your favorite genre of Gold Key?

The more we hear from collectors and readers, the more we are asked if children’s Gold Key books are coming back. Yes, they are also on the table. The ideas are endless and bring tons of possibilities.

This is why we are working hard to create thoughtful and consistent books that we will be proud to release, and you will be eager to read.

Be a part of comic history.

We are always looking for stories in our universe so if that’s you, head to our submission area and see how we can partner together!
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