1962-1984 & Beyond

1962-1984 & Beyond


Gold Key Comics was created in 1962, when its parent Western Publishing Company switched to in-house publishing rather than packaging content for branding and distribution by its business partner, Dell Comics. Hoping to make their comics more like traditional children's books, they initially eliminated panel line-borders, using just the panel, with its ink and artwork evenly edged, but not bordered by a "container" line. Within a year, they had reverted to using inked panel borders and oval balloons. They experimented with new formats, including Whitman Comic Book, a black-and-white, 136-page, hardcover series consisting of reprints, and Golden Picture Story Book, a tabloid-sized, 52-page, hardcover containing new material. In 1967, Gold Key reprinted a number of selected issues of their comics under the title Top Comics. They were packaged in plastic bags containing five comics each and were sold at gas stations and various eateries. Like Dell, Gold Key was one of the few major American comic book publishers never to display the Comics Code Authority seal on its covers.

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In 2021, comics creator and hacker Robert Willis obtained the trademark.


After acquiring the trademark in late 2021, and beginning in January or 2022, Gold Key Comics is controlled by four comic book enthusiasts under the license Gold Key Entertainment LLC. 

The principals of Gold Key Entertainment LLC (left to right): 

Adam Brooks
Chief Communications Officer

Adam’s love for comics (and their creators in particular) is nothing less than infectious. As an  author, creator, and renowned public speaker, Adam is just as likely to be found speaking in an auditorium full of people as he is rifling through bins at his local comic shop. 

Mike Dynes
Chief Legal Officer

A lawyer by trade, Mike has been entrenched in the world of comics longer than many collectors have been alive. Mike’s reputation precedes him as a trusted and knowledgeable source of comic book history and information. He is a prolific collector with a keen eye for grading and a knack for picking specs.

Arnold Guerrero
Chief Creative Officer

A family man, artist and brother to many, Arnold always dreamed of illustrating comic books. While this dream was never realized, his love for comics never escaped him. As an advertising creative Arnold has spearheaded the creative campaigns for some of the world’s largest companies. 

Lance Linderman
Chief Executive Officer

Lance has quickly gained his way through the ranks of some of the best known comic book collectors of our time. Once a touring musician, Lance now travels the country in search of comics, perpetually building upon his impressive collection. An entrepreneur and family man, Lance is known for his deep love of music, art, coffee and comics. 


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